Project Description

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dating app


„Dating apps are supposed to bring us together. So – why do we swipe alone all the time?” Anna, co-founder of blindmate

~ friends swipe. you match.

On blindmate, you don’t swipe alone. Instead, your friends swipe for you as your matchmakers.

No pressure!
You know the pressure to put yourself into the best light on dating apps? On blindmate, you can lean back and let your friends handle that.

No more superficial profiles
blindmate profiles are authentic, loveable, and honest. Like friends would describe each other.

Time with your friends
You know these evenings together with your friends, talking about relationship stuff and discovering new things about each other? This is what blindmate should be!

No stupid pickup lines
Imagine, your friends introduce you to somebody. You wouldn’t expect a pickup line – and probably, everybody’s pants would stay on, too.

Help your single friends
Even if you’re in a relationship: on blindmate, you can swipe for your single friends to support them. Without having your own dating profile, of course.